About the Artist

Richard Sukup Art


Painting has been my passion all my life. I often find my artistic inspiration while traveling, be it the American Southwest, or globally through my consulting endeavors. 

My interests are wide and varied with each painting taking hold of my imagination - a visual remembrance put down on canvas of something which I thought to be very special.

Represented in this website is a selection of my paintings, crafted over decades "on the brush". 

My original oils and giclee’s are purchased by nationally recognized corporations, academia, noted individuals, and hang in the many homes of dear friends; to each, I am deeply honored. 

Recently, my painting "Cut'n 'Em Out" (see Gallery) selected by the Hotel Drover in the historic Fort Worth Texas Stockyards. 





My book titled "Spirit and Hand. The Art of Richard A. Sukup-Vol. 1 Western Art and Cultures", is now published. I've selected fifteen of my original paintings with accompanying narrative describing my inspiration and composition. All my best! Richard.   

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Primary Education:

Eastern Hills High School, Fort Worth TX.

  •         Diploma.
  •         concentration in Art and Sciences

Nolan Catholic College Preparatory High, Fort Worth TX.

  •         Yearbook Staff Artist
  •          study concentration in Art

St. Rita’s Elementary, Fort Worth TX. 

  •         Sr. Class News Editor and Artist

Post-secondary Undergraduate:

Texas Wesleyan University 

  •         studies toward BA in Fine Arts.
  •         Art Club

Oklahoma State University

  •         BSc. Engineering with Honors.
  •         studies in Fine Arts.
  •         staff artist The OSU Engineer magazine.
  •         art commissions from OSU College of Engineering.
  •         art commission from the Office of the Governor of Oklahoma-David Hall.

Graduate School:

Texas Christian University 

  • MSc. Business. 
  • guest lecturer M. J. Neeley School of Business, MBA program.

Kimbell Art Museum. 

  •  continued mixed media art classes and studies in art history.   

Awards Recognitions:

  • featured artist in the new Drover Hotel in Fort Worth Stockyards TX. Eighty-two giclee’s on Canvass. 
  • finalist in The Artist Magazine annual national juried competition. Oil on canvass.
  • 1st Place award The Meadows Foundation annual juried competition. Oil on canvass.
  • finalist in Art of The West annual juried competition. Oil on Canvass. 
  • featured artist annual Gallery Night 2010-Adobe Western Art.

Represented by:

  •     Adobe Western Art Gallery; Fort Worth TX. 
  •     American Art Publishing; Dallas TX.

Artist Statement:

Growing up with a loving Father and Mother, amongst their relatives, close friends-they all relished the great American outdoors. Values of hard honest work and the beauty of the outdoors were taught in no small measure, which led traveling often to far away countries for my work career, each time excited on the experience of a new cultural adventure where I could lose myself in new surroundings and Nature's wonders. Along the way, between work and family, I renewed myself painting, inspired from travel memories or a sojourn into the natural world. I'm grateful of time spent with early-life art educators and later-life understudy mentors-many of whom were (are) nationally recognized-for I learned of new techniques and an appreciation of all forms of art.  Art has been my life's passion.

To all I say create your own artistry, drawing from everything you've been through, and in turn find a deeper meaning of life. Seek out those new adventures in Nature to expand your horizon. Its' solely in your power! Thanks for the visit. Good wishes in parting-Richard.

PS: My deep appreciation to Laurie Smat (Smat Consulting LLC, Fort Worth, Tx) for her talent in creating and maintaining this website.